Court in Catalonia strikes down protocols requiring public workers to speak Catalan

Regional government vows to defy ruling overturning its language policy

Royal trial

Urdangarin admits his real-estate company had ghost employees

Infanta Cristina’s husband denies receiving commissions as Nóos trial questioning starts


A perfect 24 hours in Ronda

Renowned for its vertiginous bridge, the town-on-a-cliff has also found videogame fame


24 hours in Ronda — the map

Find all the places mentioned in our guide to the Málaga city-on-the-cliff on this streetplan

Latin America

Colombia investigates disappearance of over 100 inmates inside prison

Investigators believe the victims were killed by paramilitaries operating inside the jail

Latin America

Argentinean prosecutor says for first time that Nisman was murdered

Investigator was looking into terrorist-bombing cover-up when he was found dead last year

Post-election pacts

Pact with Ciudadanos revives divisions within the Socialist Party

PP leader Mariano Rajoy turns down center-right group chief Rivera’s request for a meeting

Syrian conflict

The Spaniard in the top ranks of one of Syria’s main rebel groups

Madrid-born Labib Al Nahhas is playing a key role in building diplomatic links with the West