Cantabria on high alert as wildfires destroy 2,000 hectares of land

Heavy winds and drought make it difficult for firefighters to control the blazes Emergency officials also struggle to control flames in Basque Country and Navarre

Latin America

DNA test reveals Argentinean woman lied about stolen baby claims

False alarm for Plaza de Mayo grandmother, as stranger shows up claiming to be relative


Podemos leader meets with Rajoy to confirm his party won’t lend support

Pablo Iglesias tells PM his legislature was characterized by inequality and corruption

Latin America

Officer surprises Mexico by turning over package containing €2,200

Gesture seen unusual in a country where public safety officials are considered corrupt

Spanish tourist bitten by shark in Canaries becomes Twitter sensation

Madrid woman enjoying Christmas vacation posts pictures of wounds from silky shark


Spanish research team publishes blood cancer breakthrough

University of Oviedo scientists identify protein imbalance that leads to leukemia


Anti-capitalist CUP party unable to agree on Catalan leadership vote

Failure to reach consensus leaves political process in northeastern region blocked


The advent of the WikiLeaks age

Back in 2010, newspaper editors joined forces in a unique collaboration They agreed to break the world’s biggest story, which came to be known as Cablegate