Latin America

“Cuba’s future is for Cubans to shape,” says Kerry at US embassy opening

Secretary of state praises Obama and Castro for stopping being “prisoners of history”


IMF warns Spain that economic growth may slow over next five years

After hitting 3.1% this year, GDP rise will decline to 1.8% by 2020, organization predicts Fund calls for more labor market reforms and budget cuts while protecting the “vulnerable”


I live in Barcelona and work in London (well, sometimes)

After his blog proving it was doable went viral, Sam Cookney put his mad plan into practice

Latin America

Eleven-year-old Paraguayan girl raped by her mother’s partner gives birth

Authorities had prevented her from having an abortion as her life was not in danger

Latin America

Morales and Maduro visit Fidel Castro on his 89th birthday

Accompanied by Venezuelan president, Cuban ex-leader surprises Bolivian chief at his hotel Two statesmen visit island just one day before US State Secretary John Kerry’s historic trip

The delirious and disinhibiting effects of drinking Jägermeister

What makes the German digestif cast such a strange spell on those who imbibe it?


Suspected killer of two Cuenca women arrested in Romania

Police used fugitive’s cellphone signal to track him from the French border at Portbou