Chile and Argentina strengthen relations as President Bachelet returns

Reelected Chilean leader gets back to business with Fernández de Kirchner on first official trip Two countries relaunch programs suspended under Piñera administration

Mexican government poised to take action in violence-ridden Tamaulipas

Gunfights in broad daylight are regular occurrence in many of the border state’s cities

A legal tug-of-war over the ownership of Córdoba’s Mezquita Cathedral

State Heritage Office dismisses claim that Church “usurped” historic building It was purchased for just €30 by the bishopric, which wants to wipe out traces of Islamic past

Earth tremors in Valencia were caused by undersea gas plant, report confirms

Scientists link offshore Castor storage project to seismic activity recorded in Castellón last year Plant has been shut since quakes, the biggest of which measured 4.2 on the Richter scale

Bank monitoring

The government’s plans to create a new database holding the financial details of all Spaniards have raised a number of legal issues

Spanish politician shot dead in apparent revenge attack in León

Isabel Carrasco Lorenzo, 59, was head of Provincial Council Two suspects arrested, one of whom had worked at the Council and reportedly owed money

A political whirlwind

Both feared and admired by her allies and opponents, Isabel Carrasco had a passion for politics The politician, who was shot dead on Monday, was never afraid to face up to criticism

Turning big data into big art in Barcelona

CCCB center show aims to breathe visual life into the raw statistics of our information-rich world

EU court forces Google to uphold “right to be forgotten” online

Legal battle between tech giant and Spanish data protection agency ends in favor of privacy rights Around 200 cases in Spain were awaiting Luxembourg ruling, which applies to all search engines

Cebrián defends the role of the United States in Spain’s modernization

EL PAÍS chairman receives the First Amendment award for his support of freedom of the press