PM confident over new job and social security figures

Rajoy promises at annual economic conference to drop income taxes in 2015


Labor and education will not be part of national pact, says Rubalcaba

"Our position is different from that of the PP," says opposition leader

Spain’s new security strategy warns of growing cybercrime and Al Qaeda threats

The 83-page document attributes ETA’s defeat to “the strength of Spain’s democracy"


Gender violence

The number of victims is still increasing, and they are younger than before


Lorenzo jumps for joy after win, while Márquez has to limp home

Twenty-year-old wunderkind has fall after serious crash in Friday practice

Marbella, always Marbella!

For foreigners who are not willing to spend less than two million euros, the Costa del Sol resort has not lost its appeal


Celta escapes the drop in dramatic finale

Real Sociedad reaches Champions League as Depor, Mallorca and Zaragoza go down


Mexico, the land of technology startups

Emerging country's entrepreneurs are today bringing in 536 million euros a year That's more than double the figure of six years ago


Dwindling number of Franco-era victims plead for "last hope" truth commission

"History and reason is on our side. The institutional omission is as clamorous as it is shameful"


The weight of mediocrity

In Spain, the same businessmen who find it normal to put up big money for a luxury leisure toy, are incapable of financing research or education