Ten ideas to help keep your home cool in summer without turning on the air-conditioning

Some of the rules are obvious: ventilate during cooler hours and close everything up when the sun is at its hottest. But things like ceiling fans, light bedding or plants can also help reduce the heat

A spacious living room with a ceiling fan.onurdongel (Getty Images)

While thermometers continue to register extremely high temperatures, some of the best practices to follow to deal with the heat at home come down to the principles of logic and tried-and-tested hacks. The two basic principles for surviving the sweltering heat are to ventilate during the cooler hours and to close up when the sun is at its hottest. A typical remedy from your grandmother.

One of the accessories that has made a comeback is the ceiling fan. “Like you see in the most elegant movies,” says the DIY and decoration company Leroy Merlin. Considered as one of the best companions, especially on the hottest nights, this is an affordable accessory that blends functionality and aesthetics. Unlike in previous decades, in stores you can now find a wide variety of prices, styles and models that adapt to all types of interior settings. Another aspect to take into account is the size of the room you want to cool down when choosing the most suitable model. The option that includes a light and remote control is the most advisable.

The rest of the possible measures, aside from turning on the air conditioning and spending a fortune in the process, involve putting into practice basic decorative solutions that may be summarized in these eight ideas.

Net curtains make a comeback

Net curtains from the new ‘Aire’ collection of the textile firm Alhambra.
Net curtains from the new ‘Aire’ collection of the textile firm Alhambra.Alhambra

Poniente, Bora or Mistral are some of the names of the models of net curtains of the new Aire collection of the textile firm Alhambra, which offers a wide variety of fabrics inspired by the Mediterranean winds. The fabrics come in natural colors and double width, designed to regulate the inflow of light and modulate the air coming in through the windows. These subtle fabrics ensure a feeling of freshness.

You will love its blades above all things

An Amelia fan by Faro Barcelona.
An Amelia fan by Faro Barcelona.Ricard Badia

This fan in the picture is the Amelia model by Faro Barcelona, designed by Héctor Serrano. It is inspired by aeronautics and is a tribute to the aviator Amelia Earhart. The designer has placed special attention on the lighting design and there are two shade options: blown glass or opaque to avoid glare, which is particularly important if it is installed over a bed. The light intensity is adjustable, and it is equipped with a six-speed motor. It features a reverse function to improve the efficiency of the heating system in winter. It is remote-controlled and is also suitable for sloping ceilings. Besides being quiet and fast, its motor reduces electricity consumption by 70%.

Light furniture, dark chocolate

Sideboard from the Valencian firm Slowdeco.
Sideboard from the Valencian firm Slowdeco.Slowdeco

This sideboard is from the Valencian company Slowdeco, which specializes in modular furniture made using wood from certified sustainable forests. This contributes to the timelessness and versatility of its design, which is inspired by a Nordic style, despite being crafted in Valencia by local carpenters. Indeed, this modular composition of the Penxat series is made of ash wood, a classic feature of Scandinavian furniture. Its straight and simple lines provide a sense of freshness and brightness.

Decluttering and tidying brings freshness

Living room created by interior designer Beatrice Askanazy from Matèria Barcelona.
Living room created by interior designer Beatrice Askanazy from Matèria Barcelona.Matèria Barcelona

This living room created by interior designer Beatrice Askanazy, from the Matèria Barcelona store, is an example of how decluttering and tidying can provide freshness. It is furnished with a Calmo sofa by Fredericia, featuring a metal frame and fabric upholstery; a Malam Chobi rug by Francisco Cumellas; Hardy coffee tables and Totò pouf by Meridiani; Gravity and Beslite BL35 lamps, both by Gubi; sculpture and mobiles by Laura Maresc; and ceramic bowl by Leticia Feduchi.

Plants even in the bathroom

Mobles 114 bathroom.
Mobles 114 bathroom.

When it comes to plants, they should always be arranged in an orderly fashion. In this case, the space enables us to have three species next to the freestanding bathtub that go well in such a bright and airy interior without humidity attacking the monstera, philodendron or pachira aquatica (or Guiana Chestnut). The stool is a Nuba Colors model, designed by Lluís Pau, and the Forc coat rack, by the Lagranja studio, both produced by the firm Mobles 114.

White bed linen, please

Bedroom from the new collection presented by the firm Be Water.
Bedroom from the new collection presented by the firm Be Water.Be Water

If white is recommended to cover the mattress all year round, it is even more so in the summer. An immaculate white color induces you to rest more than a loud orange that is chosen for places you want to run away from. White is proven to be perceived as clean and fresh, just as a white candle conjures up good luck and good omens. This bedroom is part of the new collection presented by the firm Be Water and the white sheets matching the bedspread adorning the bed are complemented by the custom-made headboard made using selected fabrics from local artisan workshops, as well as the footboard and bedside tables.

A mat is better than a fur rug

A jute rug from Westwing.
A jute rug from Westwing.Westing

The traditional mats of homes in Seville have been telling us since time immemorial that natural fibers refresh, combat the heat and are also sustainable, while also being handcrafted. In the above image, we have a design from Westwing to protect the living room floor without overheating the space. It consists of a Sharmila jute rug model that, as described by the online store, “it provides a casual and fresh look.”

For freshness at the table

Tableware by Rue Vintage 74.
Tableware by Rue Vintage 74.Rue Vintage 74

This table decoration is a selection of accessories from the Rue Vintage 74 store. It features ceramic plates decorated with a geometric pattern in green by French designer Sarah Lavoine, and fiber placemats. Both refreshing options for savoring cold dishes alfresco.

Keep light dim and cool

A lamp by Vibia.
A lamp by Vibia.Vibia

A dim and cool light is what this Vibia lamp provides, with its steel base and aluminum reflector, which seems to resemble a sculpture. This is a tabletop model that is part of the collection designed by the Japanese Ichiro Iwasaki, whose lampshade directs the light downwards, creating a soft glow.

It’s all about the windows

A country house refurbished by Hiriko Estudio.
A country house refurbished by Hiriko Estudio.Erlantz Biderbost

The success in achieving optimal air circulation in the rooms of a house is based on effective insulation. In this example, windows of a country house refurbished by Hiriko Estudio, which opted for larch wood carpentry, by Barrio Hermanos, completed with rolling shutters, also made of wood, by Persianas Barcelona, which provides the best thermal insulation against cold and heat. The Luco stools are a design by Martín Azúa from Mobles 114, the furniture is made of recycled oak from Hauka and the countertop is made of terrazzo from Huguet Mallorca. This space is illuminated by a white adjustable wall lamp model 265 by Paolo Rizatto, produced by Flos.

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