From the iPhone 14 to a new Watch Pro: What to expect from Apple’s product launch event

Rumors in the tech industry point to improvements in phone cameras, two new smartwatches and upgraded wireless earbuds

Apple Keynote 2022
Promotional image of the event that Apple has scheduled for Wednesday.Apple
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Apple’s biggest event of the year is approaching. The company from Cupertino is holding its traditional product launch on Wednesday, when it will probably present the highly anticipated iPhone 14. Rumors suggest that the tech giant might also announce the Apple Watch Series 8, which might incorporate a temperature sensor; the Apple Watch Pro, a new member of the smartwatch family that would be the brand’s most expensive and ambitious one to date; and the AirPods Pro 2, which might be able to perform health measurements. The keynote event will be live-streamed online starting at 1pm Eastern Time/10am Pacific Time.

The iPhone 14

The sizes of some iPhones may change. It is rumored that Apple will eliminate the 5.4-inch iPhone Mini because it has not been well received by customers, according to the website MacRumors. The company plans to focus on larger iPhone sizes for its flagship devices. In addition to maintaining several models – a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and 14 Pro and a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected – it could launch an additional one: a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max or Plus.

Although no significant design changes are expected, rumors suggest that the screen notch will disappear. It seems that Apple will opt for a pill-shaped cutout to house the camera along with the key components of Face ID, the facial recognition system of its mobile devices. This would be a significant design change, considering how conservative Apple tends to be on this front.

There is also the possibility that the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen will always be on so that users can see information at all times without having to touch it, according to Mark Gurman, a go-to source of information on new Apple products. Like the Apple Watch, the iPhone 14 Pro will be able to display widgets with information about the weather, calendars, actions, activities and other data while the screen remains at a low brightness and frame rate, Gurman explains.

Among Apple’s priorities is to improve the camera on these phones. After years of using 12-megapixel sensors, the new iPhone Pro is expected to incorporate cameras that reach 48 megapixels and 8K video recording. These models will also reportedly incorporate zoom and ultra-wide angle improvements. It has also been rumored for months that most phones will have larger batteries.

Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro

Growing numbers of users are buying a smartwatch. It is expected that 173 million units will be sold in 2022, and by 2025 this figure will reach 253 million, according to Statista. The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world, and the company is likely to present the Apple Watch Series 8 at the Wednesday event. Rumors suggest that this watch will have flatter edges and a squarer design, similar to that of the latest iPhone. Gurman predicts that the device will also incorporate a body temperature sensor, which, in theory, could be used to alert the user of possible illness and to monitor menstrual cycles.

In addition, the brand is expected to present a new, more ambitious model: the Apple Watch Pro. This watch will supposedly be the largest ever launched by the company, coming in at 49 millimeters. Its large screen could serve to display more information and health statistics at the same time. The watch, according to Gurman, will also have a larger battery, along with a low-power mode and a tough titanium case. With this device, whose price could reach $1,000, Apple wants to entice individuals who practice extreme sports and compete with high-end manufacturers such as Garmin.

AirPods Pro 2

In addition to the iPhone and Apple Watch, the tech giant is also expected to announce the new AirPods Pro 2. These wireless earbuds will be an update to a model that first went on sale in 2019, and may be more compact and dispense with the stem that protrudes from the bottom. Apple may have experimented with a more rounded shape, more similar to the Google Pixel Buds or Samsung Galaxy Buds – both stemless – according to MacRumors. However, some recent rumors indicate that there will be no major design changes.

In addition to delivering higher-quality sound, it is rumored that the AirPods Pro 2 could detect heart rate or body temperature inside the ear. Some even suggest that these devices could work like a hearing aid to help people with hearing loss.

Although the company also seems to have worked on new iPads, it is not clear if it will present them on Wednesday or reserve them for later. It is also possible that Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, will announce the release date of the new operating systems iOS 16, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16.

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