“You’re monkeys” | Video captures racist incident on a train in northern Spain

A Madrid association has shared footage from Bilbao showing a woman calling two young men “fucking Africans,” among other insults

Video capturing part of the incident.

A Spanish association fighting against racism has shared a video recorded on July 1 on a train in Bilbao, in which a woman is seen insulting two young men with descriptions such as “fucking Africans,” “shitty Moors” and “monkeys,” among other epithets.

The video, recorded by one of the targets of the verbal abuse, was released by the non-profit group SOS Racismo Madrid on its website Es Racismo.

“We were on the train and my friend and I put up our feet on some seats that were free. Ten minutes later a woman walked in and started to tell us that this is a world of women and that there is no longer any room for sexist men,” said one of the two youngsters in statements to Es Racismo.

The pair decided to change seats to get away from the woman, but she allegedly followed them and, according to their version of events, began to record them on her cellphone, accusing them of wanting to rape her. Later came the racist slurs seen in the video, in both English and Spanish. Other passengers are heard reproaching the woman for her attitude. The latter got off the train at her destination without any further escalation of the incident.


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