Very fast but complicated run at day six of Sanfermines 2019

The two-minute, 18-second Running of the Bulls on Friday saw a number of falls among the animals from the Núñez del Cuvillo stockbreeder and the runners too

Friday’s Running of the Bulls at Sanfermines 2019.Video: JAVIER LIZÓN (EFE) / 7 DEL 7

Day six of the world-famous Running of the Bulls in Pamplona featured animals from the Núñez del Cuvillo stockbreeder. As on the previous days of the Sanfermines 2019 so far, the bulls and the runners completed the route through the streets of the northern Spanish city in a very quick time, just two minutes and 18 seconds. But unlike previous days, there were plenty of thrilling and complicated moments along the way.

The herd of fighting bulls and tame bullocks broke several times, with the animals arriving at their final destination, the bullring, separated. Many of the runners suffered falls during the run.

One man was caught by a bull’s horn in his left leg, and there were five requests for emergency medical treatment, according to the first medical report.

The animals from the Granada-based stockbreeder have appeared in Pamplona nine times before today, and also were the protagonists of an exciting run last year, with no gorings. This afternoon, the fighting bulls that ran the streets of the city will be fought in the ring by Miguel Ángel Perera, Cayetano and Andrés Roca Rey.

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