Video of 12 dogs and a deer falling off a cliff during hunt sparks outrage

Pro-animal groups and political parties have condemned the incident, while the hunting sector has classed it as an “isolated accident”

The video showing 12 dogs and a deer falling of a cliff in Cáceres.

Animal-rights groups and political parties have reacted with indignation over a viral video that has emerged of 12 hunting dogs falling off a cliff edge, followed by the deer they were attacking, during a hunt in Herreruela, a municipality of 350 inhabitants in the Spanish province of Cáceres. The hunting sector, meanwhile, has stated that the incident was an “unlucky and isolated accident.”

Pacma, a Spanish political party that campaigns on its support for animal rights, environmental protection and social justice, was among the organizations that has shared the video, which lasts around a minute. “HORRIFIC IMAGES!” the group wrote in a tweet. “12 dogs and a deer chased by hunters fall off a cliff amidst gunshots. Enough is enough! There is no limit to the cruelty of hunters.”

The Spanish Royal Hunting Federation (RFEC) has confirmed that the incident took place in Herreruela, and expressed the “consternation” of the hunting sector for this “accident” that had the “misfortune to take place in a dangerous area.”

The RFEC added that “immediately afterward, as you would expect, the dogs involved were treated by veterinarians on site and at veterinary clinics.” The association did not provide more information about the condition of the animals.

A deputy from Spanish green party Equo, Juan López Uralde, wrote on Twitter that he could not understand how people could “enjoy” this activity, while his party called for there to be consequences. The general secretary of left-wing anti-austerity party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, also criticized the incident, calling those responsible for what happened “criminals.” “Let’s abolish this once and for all and punish those who are guilty,” he added.

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