Video: Heavy rains cause spectacular flash flood in Toledo town

The waters that ripped through Cebolla on Saturday dragged cars in their wake and caused serious damage, but fortunately left no injuries

Flooding this weekend in Cebolla (Toledo).

Torrential rain on Saturday saw a flash flood rip through the village of Cebolla, in the Spanish province of Toledo, unfortunately coinciding with the celebration of local fiestas. The waters, which were flowing from the nearby Sangüesa creek, swept away vehicles in their wake, and also flooded basements and buildings, including the local health center.

Locals told Spanish news agency EFE that the flooding is “the worst seen in recent years,” given that the creek often overflows around this time of year when there is a major storm, but the conditions are not usually so serious.

In the video above, which was recorded by witnesses, one woman is seen holding on to the outside of a window by the security bars, as the flooding sweeps by.

This weekend saw heavy rain in many parts of Spain, but fortunately, the spectacular flash flood in Cebolla, which has a population of 3,000, left no injuries in its wake.


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