Video: Spanish seniors caught on camera fighting off violent attacker

The valiant women from the Basque Country stood up to the aggressive robber in a bid to stop him from escaping

In an apartment block in Bilbao in the Basque Country, a man opens the elevator door for two senior women. But what looks like a friendly act suddenly turns violent, with the man grabbing the shirt collar of one of the women and pulling off her pendant. The violent attack took place on August 14 and was caught on security cameras in the building.

The two women were not seriously injured in the attack

But it doesn’t end there. While trying to flee, the thief drops the pendant and when he bends to pick it up, the second woman lunges at him to stop him from escaping. Sadly she is no match for the assailant and she is knocked to the floor trying to detain him. The thief rushes to the door and shoves the first woman to the floor to get past.

The two women were not seriously injured in the attack. The Basque Country’s regional police force has opened an investigation to find the assailant, whose identity remains unknown. The video was not made public until this week, when it was published via a Facebook post by a journalist from the Basque newspaper El Correo.

English version by Melissa Kitson.


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