Chewbacca visits the EL PAÍS newsroom

The most famous wookie from the ‘Star Wars’ universe takes a trip through hyperspace into the world of journalism

Chewbacca put aside his usual daily routine of epic space battles and intergalactic journeys and flew instead through hyperspace to visit a previously unknown world for him: a newsroom. He swapped the humid jungles of his home planet for the cold asphalt of Madrid, where he breathed in the polluted air and contemplated the skyscrapers that dot the horizon of the Spanish capital. And judging by his comments, it seems to have been worth the trip.

The wookie spent more than half an hour in the offices of EL PAÍS on Monday, where he could see the pages of the newspaper being put together, and the humans sat in front of their screens tapping away on keyboards. But this wasn’t the only visit to Spain this month for Chewbacca, as he will be back in Spanish cinemas on May 25 in Solo: A Star Wars story, a new galactic adventure in the series that features the saga’s best-known smuggler in the lead role. The movie, which takes place before Episode IV: A New Hope, tells the story of the start of the friendship between Solo and his wookie companion, through a series of adventures in a dark and dangerous criminal underworld.


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