The picture of Trump’s Galician doppelgänger? That’s no hoax

The uncanny resemblance between 64-year-old Dolores Leis Antelo and the 45th president of the United States has caught the attention of the world’s media

A photo of a woman in Galicia who bears an uncanny resemblance to US President Donald Trump has spread like wildfire on social media, WhatsApp and Twitter since last weekend. One message shared on the latter network has received more than 5,000 retweets alone since last Saturday.

The Galician woman who looks like Trump gets in American magazine @newsweek Dolores Leis Antelo is already an international phenomenon

The picture had been uploaded by Paula Vázquez, a journalist at La Voz de Galicia, to her Instagram account, where it received almost 2,000 likes and comments such as: “Is that our president?” or “Trump’s sister.” (She has since set her account on private).

The picture has also reached US media chains such as Univisión and ‘Newsweek’

And, given the likeness, the picture has also reached US media chains such as Univisión and Newsweek, which went as far as saying that the two were so similar that they could be “twins separated at birth.”

Vázquez wrote a piece last Tuesday for La Voz de Galicia on her viral photo. She was preparing a report on how rain had set back the harvest, and in the process interviewed and photographed 64-year-old Dolores Leis Antelo from Cabana de Bergantiños, in La Coruña. Leis doesn’t even have a cellphone and it was her daughters who let her know about the viral spread of her picture. Asked about their reasonable likeness, she answered between chuckles that “it must be because of the color of my hair.”

However this past Wednesday, Vázquez published another piece on the “flood of news coverage” that had been dedicated to finding “Trump’s doppelgänger.” The Cabana native does not want any more pictures taken of her, according to her daughters: “All these people have treated my mother well, but they also understand that she doesn’t want to appear in public anymore.”

#Trump has a sister in Galicia...

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