Top 10 surprising stories you might have missed in 2017

This year was full of big news but sometimes it’s what goes under the radar that counts

With the Catalan crisis, terrorism and the political wrangling in Madrid dominating headlines over the last 12 months, it is not surprising that many stories did not get the attention they might have deserved this year. Here, the English Edition of EL PAÍS has put together a list of the top 10 ‘other’ stories of 2017 that you should have read (but perhaps didn't).

An apartment building in Palma de Mallorca.
An apartment building in Palma de Mallorca.Fede Serra

Here are our top 10 most surprising stories of 2017.

1. The island that Spain and France rule for six months of every year

An island shared by France and Spain? If you haven't heard of the peculiar Pheasant Island, now is the time to read up.

10. Cities for rent

Seasonal workers struggle to pay skyrocketing rent as tourists enjoy the sites. The question then – who is really benefiting from Spain's tourism boom?

2. The Spaniards who support Brexit

There's been lots of stories on Brexit but perhaps you missed this curious one on the Spaniards who support the divisive UK exit from the European Union.

3. Snow blind: how half a ton of cocaine destroyed a tiny Portuguese island

Back in 2001, half a ton of 80% pure cocaine floated to the shores of a Portuguese island. Over 15 years later the town is still suffering.

4. Why the next tech revolution will be a female affair

It's not often you hear about of a woman taking the reigns of a multinational, multimllion-dollar tech company. Here is a story of five such trail-blazing women. And they are Spanish to boot.

5. The future of Spanish gastronomy

Spain is famous for its food. But a new generation of Spanish chefs have even bigger plans. Find out what they involve.

6. Slavoj Žižek, the viral philosopher

What did Slovenia's controversial pop philosopher get up to in Madrid? Here are the details you might have missed.

7. Where did Uruguay’s indigenous population go?

Having survived 300 years of colonization and a planned massacre in Uruguay, members of the Charrúa indigenous tribe are demanding their rights.

8. How the Spanish Banksy used Picasso in unique protest against bullfighting

As the debate over bullfighting rages on, Spanish street artist Sam3 has found a new way to protest the tradition.

9. Tabarnia: the hoax independence movement trending now in Spain

Catalonia may have dominated the headlines – but have you heard of the Tabarnia independence movement?

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