Extremely fast Running of the Bulls in Pamplona on Tuesday

An Australian citizen is tossed in the air by fearsome Jandilla bulls, which killed a runner in 2009

A bull among the runners at the fifth Running of the bulls at Sanfermines 2017.Video: Javier Lizón
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Day 5 of the Running of the Bulls (Spanish captions)

Fighting bulls of the Jandilla ranch on Tuesday ran the fastest Running of the Bulls of this year’s Sanfermines in Pamplona, reaching the bullring in two minutes, 13 seconds.

There had been a lot of anticipation before today’s run, as the Jandilla ranch in Extremadura has a reputation for producing dangerous animals. A Jandilla bull was responsible for the last recorded death at the Sanfermines in 2009.

Runners clearly found it difficult to keep clear of the charging animals, and there were numerous falls as people tripped over one another in their efforts to get clear of the bulls.

No gorings were reported, although one man was tossed in the air, landing on the back of another bull before he bounced to the pavement. He had been standing on a curve – considered by experts the worst possible place to stop, as the half-ton animals often skid around the bends. The victim was reported as an Australian citizen with no prior experience in the encierros, as the bull runs are known.

Local medical spokesmen reported that one individual had been taken to the hospital with bruising to the head; his condition was described as not serious.

Cameras again caught runners touching, slapping and goading the animals, a forbidden practice that carries sanctions because of the danger it poses.

The northern Spanish city is celebrating its world-famous Sanfermines, which end on July 14. The first encierro on Friday resulted in three injuries and there were two more gorings on Saturday.

Since 1910, 16 people have lost their lives at the encierros.

English version by Susana Urra.


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