Cousin of Spain’s King Felipe bares all for charity

Hollywood actress Theodora of Greece appears in book to raise awareness of breast cancer

Theodora of Greece in a photograph from the breast cancer awareness campaign.
Theodora of Greece in a photograph from the breast cancer awareness campaign.INSTAGRAM

She’s not the first celebrity to take her clothes off for a good cause, and she won’t be the last. But Theodora of Greece, a cousin of Spain’s King Felipe VI, is the first member of European royalty to do so. The 34-year-old daughter of Constantine of Greece, brother of Spain’s Queen Sofía and Princess Anne-Marie, has agreed to pose for In the Tube 2, an initiative by photographer and filmmaker J.Scott to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Theodora – who uses the surname Greece – is an actress, and says her parents have been behind her throughout her career. “They have supported me 100%. When I was in high school and college, they used to come to see all my theater works. They are my biggest fans,” she has said in a past interview.

After a stint working in theater in London, where her family had settled following her father’s overthrow in 1967, she moved to Hollywood. “To access English cinema requires a lengthy career, it’s like a secret society where a password is needed to enter, which is almost impossible for somebody starting out in the profession,” she has said, describing the United States as a place “where people do not conform and follow their dreams.

“In two weeks [in the United States] I got more roles as an actress than in six months in London,” she said in a past interview.

Theodora has acted in films such as Where Did You Sleep Last Night?, The Big Valley and Little Boy, along with appearances in several episodes of the television series The Bold and the Beautiful.

In the United States, few people are aware of Theodora’s illustrious family ties (Queen Elizabeth II is her godmother), and she is known as Theo. She lives with her boyfriend in Los Angeles.

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