Valencia region to force public schools to adapt to transsexual students

Government will guarantee children’s right to dress as they choose and use the bathrooms they want

The regional government of Valencia has announced it will oblige state schools to grant transsexual minors access to bathrooms and changing rooms corresponding to their chosen gender, rather than that they were born with. The education department will also require primary schools to record in their administrative documents the gender chosen by transsexual or intergender students, as well as to respect their physical image and their choice of clothing.

Ana Navarro with her transsexual daughter María.
Ana Navarro with her transsexual daughter María.Mónica Torres

The measures are part of legislation passed in the region several months ago on gender identity that came in to force today. The government of the eastern region is currently led by a coalition between the Valencian Socialist Party (PSPV) and local party Compromís, which promotes progressive and environmental policies.

The measures will be introduced in public education centers and will be optional for all other schools in the region.

The joint efforts of the education community are needed to recognize and value diversity Vicent Marzá, Valencia’s education chief

The aim of the law is to “depathologize” transsexuality – i.e. to consider it simply another expression of human diversity and not a disorder, as well as guaranteeing a program for the inclusion of transsexuals, which will protect minors. The law will regulate the rights of transsexuals in the areas of education, social issues and local government.

The regional education chief, Vicent Marzà, explained that Valencia “wants to become an area of inclusion in which all citizens can develop their identity freely and without hindrance.” As such, “the joint efforts of all of the education community are needed to recognize and value diversity.”

The aim of the law is to “depathologize” transsexuality

The administrative documents of the child in question will be changed to reflect the name and gender with which they identify, at the written request of the family or legal guardian. The official documents of the child, however, will not be altered until a name change has been registered with the Civil Registry and the relevant paperwork is presented to the school.

Access will be guaranteed to washrooms and changing rooms that correspond to the gender chosen by the student in question, while all measures that are deemed necessary will be taken in order to guarantee respect toward transsexuals, as well as equal treatment.

The education department will promote coordination procedures in order to detect, prevent and intervene in situations where a student is deemed vulnerable.

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