VIDEO: Police shut down Madrid bakery after rats spotted in counter

Authorities closed the premises after passers-by filmed the rodents nibbling on sandwiches

Police on Monday morning shut down a bakery belonging to the Granier chain on the city’s Alcalá street after receiving calls about rats nibbling their way through the contents of a display case. The store will now remain closed until City Hall carries out a comprehensive sanitary inspection.

Police were alerted to the presence of the rodents at around 1.30am on Monday. A patrol car was dispatched with officers who confirmed the sighting, before getting in touch with store owners.

After footage of the animals was posted on social media, Granier issued a statement saying it was looking into the incident “to determine the origin of the rodents,” Europa Press reported.

Health inspectors said in October the front door and ceiling needed repairs to stop rats entering

The company said it had followed food safety procedures and that the latest quarterly inspection had been carried out on October 26 with a fumigation performed by the company Fumigaciones Ibéricas.

That company stated in their report that the “structural conditions” of the building needed to be improved to prevent the entry of rodents. Among the issues highlighted were the need to repair both the front door, which did not close properly, and holes in the ceiling.

Granier said it planned to open an internal investigation into the matter and would cooperate fully with authorities.

“This is an isolated incident that is being investigated internally to establish the causes. The more than 350 Granier stores in Spain and around the world strictly comply with all food health and safety standards,” the company said.

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