“Don’t leave the hotel” Houston Texans players in Mexico City warned

Security advice comes ahead of NFL Monday night game against the Oakland Raiders

The management of the NFL’s Houston Texans has advised players not to leave their hotel in Mexico City or order room service ahead of their game on Monday night in the Aztec Stadium against the Oakland Raiders. The match is part of the NFL’s international series and will be the first NFL game played in Mexico City since 2005.

The Houston Texans in action.
The Houston Texans in action.M.Ehrmann (AFP)
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“No salgan del hotel”, la recomendación para los jugadores de la NFL al venir a México

The Associated Press news agency has had access to a memo distributed to the team on Wednesday that included a page of information concerning the trip to Mexico.

A section of the memo under the heading “Safety” had a bullet point with: “DO NOT leave the hotel.” It was followed by a line advising players to leave all “expensive jewelry at home,” not to bring large sums of money and not to use ATMs.

Players were told not to bring large sums of money and not to use ATMs

A second section entitled “Health and performance” offers basic tips such as drinking only bottled water and not putting ice in drinks. It also warned: “Eat all meals in the meal room. DO NOT order room service,” and: “DO NOT eat outside of the team meal room.”

The precautions do not appear to have been made in response to any possible hostility toward US citizens in the wake of Donald Trump’s election win, and are routine for foreigners traveling to Mexico City. Executives visiting the capital for business are often advised along similar lines by their companies not to leave their hotels without security.

The rule about room service could be related to a memo the NFL sent to its players earlier this year warning that some meat produced in China and Mexico may be contaminated with clenbuterol, a restricted steroid. Clenbuterol is banned in Mexico as a growth enhancer for cattle but is suspected to still be in use.

The Raiders did not receive such a memo, but several of its players have said they would not eat room service while in Mexico.

No room service for me. I can’t afford to sneak and cheat Oakland Raiders’  Dan  Williams

“I always bring my own food anyway,” Oakland defensive tackle Dan Williams said. “I’m on a strict diet, so I have to watch what I eat. No room service for me. I can’t afford to sneak and cheat.”

The Aztec Stadium has been given a makeover ahead of the fixture on November 21, which is predicted to be a sell-out. This will be the first time Mexico will host what is known in the United States as Monday Night Football.

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