Watch – Day Seven of the Running of the Bulls

A clean and fast run at Pamplona today, with just one goring caused by the animals from the Núñez del Cuvillo stockbreeder

Day 7 of the Running of the Bulls at Pamplona.

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There were few expectations that the animals from the Núñez del Cuvillo stockbreeder would cause injuries at Day 7 of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, such is their well-known pedigree. Not for nothing is it one of the preferred stockbreeders for the runners given their behavior during the runs. But a bull on the streets of Pamplona, in particular on the Santo Domingo hill, can always be a danger.

For that reason, close to the Ayuntamiento section, a goring was seen on Wednesday morning, as a fighting bull arrived flying into the right side of the street, trampling two runners, and then sliding into a small pile of mozos that had formed slightly further along the route. A young American was left with a goring injury in the left leg, but fortunately the animal quickly picked himself up and carried on with his run.

In the end, the run lasted two minutes 32 seconds, a fast run, as is normal for the animals from this stockbreeder, who appear to train for a kind of San Fermín Olympics.

Despite the rain that had fallen just minutes before, there were a lot of runners out on the streets on Wednesday, in particular on the long straight Estafeta street, as is the case on most days.

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Inevitably, more than a few runners were trampled by the bulls on this route, with four of the fighting animals leading the back. In the Telefónica area, runners got in the way of the bulls, many trying to touch them as they passed. More falls from the animals caused a few scary moments, but then for the runners in a few days these will be converted into memories that will last a lifetime.

A black bull was the first to tread on the sand of the bullring, followed by three more and the six tame bullocks. The two remaining animals finally arrived in the plaza, and all had soon found the corral on the opposite side. The clock was stopped at two minutes and 32 seconds, a fast run, as was expected from the noble Núñez del Cuvillo bulls. And it was reasonably clean too, thanks to that proven nobility.

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