Ryanair offers €20 flights to UK to vote against Brexit

Low-cost airline argues EU membership benefits British economy

A Ryanair plane.
A Ryanair plane.

Low-cost carrier Ryanair has thrown its weight behind the stay-in-Europe campaign, launching a Fly Home to Vote Remain €19.99 ticket – including taxes – between June 22 and Thursday June 23.

The move is aimed at encouraging the 1.2 million British nationals living within the EU to fly back to Britain to vote in the so-called Brexit referendum on June 23, but the cheap flight offer is open to all nationalities.

To take advantage of the offer, travelers have until midnight Thursday May 19 to book on Ryanair’s website. The offer applies to all UK airports.

The company says that the EU’s open skies policy has transformed the tourism sector

Ryanair has supported the UK remaining in Europe, saying membership creates jobs and boosts economic growth.

The company says that the EU’s open-skies policy has transformed the tourism sector, while the free movement of goods and services has made Britain one of the most competitive economies in Europe.

It also argues that the reforms secured by British Prime Minister David Cameron are sufficient to protect the pound, limit immigration from within the EU, and establish closer union while at the same time reducing bureaucracy. Ryanair says that if the Brexiteers win, Britain will lose out to Ireland and Germany in attracting foreign investment.

Ryanair employs more than 3,000 people at the 13 airports from which it operates in the United Kingdom, and transports more than 41 million passengers each year.

English version by Nick Lyne.

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