This summer, “pimp” your hoverboard

US company patents conversion kit promising safer, more comfortable ride

Hoverboarding the easy chair way.Video: GoKart

The hoverboard, the mutant lovechild of the skateboard and the Segway, hasn’t gained much traction since it was launched in China in 2014 and a year later in the United States, partly due to a number of safety scares – including the risk of the batteries exploding or bursting into flames.

But now,, a US company that distributes inflatable craft online has come up with a conversion kit currently awaiting a patent that allows owners to “pimp” their hoverboard by fitting a folding sun chair to a small trailer attached to the device and thus travel more comfortably, steering their customized ride with their feet.

The conversion kit, costing a modest €61, is described on the company’s website as making hoverboards “safer and more fun”, but notes that due to demand, it will not be able to supply new orders until May.

English version by Nick Lyne

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