Mexican ex-president posts video attacking Trump over planned wall

“Running a business does not mean having the leadership to run a nation,” Fox tells mogul

Fox’s video message against Donald Trump.
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Fox, sobre Trump: “Saber dirigir un negocio no es saber dirigir una nación”

The dispute between Mexican ex-president Vicente Fox and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has grown after the former published a video through his Centro Fox association in which he questions the real estate mogul’s economic policies, saying they would only harm American citizens, not Latino immigrants.

“Running a business does not mean having the leadership to conduct a nation,” says Fox, who himself became Mexican president in 2000 after serving as the head of Coca-Cola’s Latin America division. 

In the video, titled “Donald Trump confronted by President Vicente Fox,” Fox says Trump’s campaign proposals repeat the policies of former US President Herbert Hoover under whose administration  (1929-33) the country suffered the Great Depression, the worst economic crisis in its history. By placing restrictions on immigration and imports, Fox says Trump would be isolating the United States from global markets and causing a similar economic meltdown.

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And because the New York businessman-turned-politician is also promising to raise taxes, Fox said articles that Americans purchase, such as cars, would cost more and thus they would be the ones who end up paying for the wall along the US-Mexican border that Trump is proposing.

“I am not paying for that fucking wall and you should not be paying either,” Fox says.

I am not paying for that wall and you should not be paying either Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

The former Mexican president also asks what would happen if Latino immigrants stopped working in the United States. “Who is going to collect apples in Washington? To harvest vegetables in California? To nurse the elderly and the retired?”

His message was reminiscent of a speech he gave in 2005 when he was still in office in which he said Mexicans in the United States did “jobs not even blacks want to do.”

Fox says he feels personally offended by this “false prophet Trump,” whom he dubbed ignorant and egomaniacal.

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