Mother and daughter to serve 22 and 20 years for politician’s murder

León policewoman also accused in Isabel Carrasco case acquitted of murder

Montserrat González.
Montserrat González.

A mother and daughter have been sentenced to prison terms of 22 and 20 years, respectively, for the murder of León politician Isabel Carrasco on May 12, 2014.

A policewoman who was also a defendant in the case received a five-year term after being acquitted of the murder charge but found guilty of covering up for the killers and illegally possessing weapons.

On February 20, a popular jury found that Montserrat González and Triana Martínez conspired to kill the Popular Party (PP) politician, who was shot dead by the former in broad daylight on a footbridge in León.

The role of policewoman Raquel Gago consisted of safekeeping the murder weapon for  several hours

González, who admitted the facts, acted out of “hate” over what she felt was “unfair persecution” of her daughter Triana at the hands of the regional leader, who had once employed Triana at the provincial authority.

The role of the policewoman, Raquel Gago, consisted of taking the murder weapon for safekeeping for several hours.

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