Catalan elections 2015: As they happened

Pro-independence parties Junts pel Sí and CUP win majority of seats in parliament But they have fallen short of securing more than 50% of votes across the region

Artur Mas addresses crowds on Sunday night.
Artur Mas addresses crowds on Sunday night.reuters / Sergio Pérez

Catalonia celebrated unprecedented regional elections on Sunday. With more than 97% of the vote counted, the pro-independence parties have emerged with an absolute majority of seats in the regional parliament. Junts pel Sí took 62 seats, while CUP took 10, giving them a total of 72 seats – for an absolute majority the parties needed 68. The pro-secession parties did not, however, win 50% of the total vote.

While the central government and anti-independence parties have rejected the positioning of the polls as a plebiscite, the polls will serve to measure the support for the independence movement led by current regional premier Artur Mas.

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