Donald Trump on “El Chapo’s” escape: “I told you so”

Billionaire asks media to apologize for attacking him over illegal immigration remarks

Donald Trump during FreedomFest in Las Vegas.
Donald Trump during FreedomFest in Las Vegas.John Locher (AP)

Billionaire Donald Trump is once again kicking up a storm on the social networks after tweeting his reaction to Saturday’s spectacular jail break of Sinaloa drug cartel leader Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán.

“Mexico’s biggest drug lord escapes from jail,” Trump wrote on his Twitter account on Sunday night. “Unbelievable corruption and USA is paying the price. I told you so!”

He added: “Now that the Mexican drug lord escaped from prison, everyone is saying that most of the cocaine etc. coming into the US comes over border!”

“When will people, and the media, start to apologize to me for my statement,” he said, in reference to  the original controversial comments he made about Mexican migrants when he announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination last month. 

Mexicans and the Latino-Hispanic community in the United States united in raising their voices against Trump after he said on June 16 that illegal immigration from Mexico was the United States’ biggest national security problem, saying the country was sending over “rapists” and drug traffickers.

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A number of leading organizations and figures have cut their business ties with the billionaire as a result of his original statements, which have been dubbed derogatory and xenophobic.

A massive search is underway in Mexico after the 58-year-old Guzmán broke out of a maximum security prison outside the capital through a 1,500-meter tunnel that was dug underneath the complex.

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto has ordered a high-level investigation to determine if prison officials aided Guzmán’s escape.


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