The six key points of the redesigned EL PAÍS website

The new layout makes the page easier to navigate, and facilitates better ordering of news stories. It reinforces the concept of a global newspaper, as well as strengthening science coverage, in the Materia section, and giving birth to Verne, a space for the amazing things that lurk on the internet

1. A cleaner, better ordered design. From this Wednesday onward, the EL PAÍS website has a new look. The digital edition of the newspaper has been redesigned to improve the order in which news stories are presented and to make navigation simpler. From today, readers will see a cleaner design, with a style that homogenizes the appearance of the web and the paper’s print edition, two different products that are produced with the same rigor. As well as these new features, the visual branding of EL PAÍS and its sections on the social networks have also been updated.

2. New distribution of sections. The changes go much further than the purely cosmetic. The sections on the main menu have been modified to make navigation more intuitive. The Politica section has been renamed España, while Sociedad disappears, with its content distributed among a number of sections. Science, for example, will now appear under the Materia heading. Opinión, Tecnología and Televisión now appear on the main menu, while a new section, Estilo, has been created to group together news from the Gente (people) section, as well as other content such as food, fashion and trends.

3. EL PAÍS consolidates its position as a global brand. The three editions of EL PAÍS – Spanish, American and Brazilian (in Portuguese) – will have a greater presence on the homepage, with links above the masthead that facilitate simpler and more intuitive navigation between editions. The English Edition, meanwhile, will continue to provide a selection of the best content from across the paper for non Spanish-speaking readers. This bolsters the concept of a global newspaper, one that shares the same principles independently of the language in which it is written. The logo “El periódico global,” or “The global newspaper,” now appears under the masthead, both in the print and digital editions.   

4. Science content now under the Materia brand. One of the key changes launched today relates to science content. EL PAÍS has reached an agreement with Materia, the leading website in Spanish covering scientific news, in order to reinforce its coverage of environment, health and technology issues. The section will offer daily information produced by a group of specialized journalists, both from EL PAÍS and from Materia. What’s more, it will contextualize that information with videos, photo-galleries, analysis and special reports, giving articles an educational value.

5. Verne is born, bringing together the most surprising content from the internet. In the last week, EL PAÍS has also launched Verne, a website that explores the internet, creating, discovering and distributing content for the social networks. Aimed at a young audience who regularly uses mobile technologies, Verne will be publishing daily content that covers everything from international politics to what’s being posted on Twitter, always drawing on the truly astonishing as a prism to focus reality.

6. A constantly evolving website. The redesign of the EL PAÍS webpage is not an isolated step that concludes with this launch of new features. Websites today need to be constantly evolving to adapt to new and changing reading habits. As such, our readers will continue to see more changes over the coming months to adapt the site to the way in which they consume information.

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Recomendaciones EL PAÍS