Nine more ETA prisoners released after Strasbourg ruling

Decision taken before Supreme Court ruling on Monday

Nine more ETA convicts were released Friday following last month’s decision by the European Court of Human Rights against extending prison stays for dangerous inmates.

The High Court ordered the release of the members of the Basque terrorist group without waiting for a decision on Monday by the Supreme Court on the issue.

The beneficiaries of the decision killed a total of 37 people between them, according to a tally by Europa Press. All of them served under 30 years.

In 2006, the Spanish Supreme Court introduced the so-called Parot doctrine to prevent criminals with long convictions from early release thanks to the 1973 penal code, which allowed generous reductions deductible from the maximum term of 30 years. An ETA convict, Inés del Río, appealed to the Strasbourg court, which declared the doctrine illegal.

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