Argument between Gypsy clans ends in cemetery shootout death

30-year-old man was killed in a gunfight on All Souls Day

A woman weeps over the body of the man.
A woman weeps over the body of the man.PERE DURAN (EL PAÍS)

All Souls Day took a tragic turn on Friday at the Figueres cemetery in Alt Empordà, Girona. A 30-year-old man was killed in a gunfight when two warring Gypsy clans found themselves in the cemetery at the same time.

The police deployed a large force to the Sant Joan de Figueres neighborhood, where one of the clans is based, to prevent reprisals. Three men were arrested following the incident.

There were hundreds of people at the cemetery at the time of the shooting, including the mayor of Figueres, Marta Felip, who witnessed the incident.

"We heard shouting and people started to run," said Felip, who added she heard "four or five shots."

The shooting occurred after two men were ejected from the cemetery by clan leaders after an argument erupted between the two factions.

The men continued their altercation outside the gates, where one pulled out a pistol and shot the other.

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