Police arrest five minors for distributing child porn

16-year-old accused shown in sex recording with younger girl

The National Police force has arrested 10 people for distributing child pornography on the internet and through cellphone applications. Five of the suspects are minors.

Police said Tuesday that nine of the arrests were made in Castellón, with a 10th in Cádiz. The footage featured children aged between 12 and 15.

The operation began in April with the arrest of one minor who was accused of making one of the recordings. A second suspect, aged 13, was identified as the author of a second video. A 16-year-old who featured in this recording was charged with sexual abuse against a 13-year-old girl.

The mother of one of the minors went to the police on April 6 to report a video obtained through an instant messaging application that featured several underage individuals, including her own son, conducting acts of a sexual nature.

Meanwhile, the police started receiving numerous alerts from internet users who had seen this recording, the police said in a statement. While the first video was being investigated, law enforcement authorities got wind of a second recording of a similar nature.

In late April, the police arrested 41 people in 18 provinces for the possession and distribution of videos depicting sexual abuse of children as young as eight.

The detainees were sharing P2P files through the website eDonkey. Half of those arrested were unemployed or retired people.

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