Government advisory body takes red pen to education bill

State Council objects to imposition of Spanish language and removal of Socialists’ civics course

The education reform championed by Minister José Ignacio Wert of the conservative Popular Party (PP) is facing a new hurdle in its short but tumultuous existence. After rejection from part of the education community, which is threatening to strike in May, now the Council of State is recommending changes to many controversial items. These include the teaching of Spanish in bilingual regions, the increase in religion classes, the elimination of a civics education course introduced by the previous Socialist government, and state subsidies for public schools that segregate students by gender.

Although the report is not binding, the Council is asking for “a general agreement of political and social forces to draft a text that will bring added stability to the [education] system.” It is up to the government to address or ignore the recommendations before sending the bill to the Cabinet and then to Congress for debate.

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Recomendaciones EL PAÍS