Coixet, Coronado and African soccer

The Spanish-film-focused Málaga Festival gets underway this week

Michael Radford (l) directs Mario Casas (r) and others in La mula.
Michael Radford (l) directs Mario Casas (r) and others in La mula.JOSÉ HARO

Isabel Coixet’s Ayer no termina nunca (Tomorrow never ends), starring Javier Cámara and Candela Peña, will open the 16th edition of the Málaga Film Festival, which starts on Saturday and runs until April 27. The movie, a two-hander about a couple who reunite in 2017 Barcelona after five difficult years apart, is one of 12 competing for the Biznaga de Oro best film prize this year.

Others in the running at the festival, which focuses on Spanish film, include Daniel Calparsoro’s Combustión, which narrates the complications arising from a love triangle formed by Adriana Ugarte, Álex González and Alberto Ammann, and Diamantes negros, the feature debut of TV director Miguel Alcantud, which looks at the reality shock faced by young soccer talent brought from Africa.

Other debutants in the official selection include Alejandro Marzoa with narcotics drama Somos gente honrada; Jorge Algora with romance Inevitable, which features Federico Luppi and Darío Grandinetti; and Jesús Monllaó, whose Catalan thriller Fill de Caín stars José Coronado. The actor is set to receive this year’s Málaga Prize, while Alex de la Iglesia will be honored with the 2013 Retrospective Prize.

Mario Casas and María Valverde star in Civil War drama La mula, which arrives without a credited director after Michael Radford disassociated himself from the troubled project, while Gracia Querejeta offers up 15 años y un día, in which Maribel Verdú plays the mother of a troubled teenager.

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