Account data from whistleblower reveals links to Gürtel network

Information from Hervé Falciani includes details of of figures from the governing Popular Party

An ex-employee of HSBC bank, who in 2009 uncovered a huge number of cases of tax fraud by releasing the details of 130,000 bank accounts, has provided more information to the Spanish authorities regarding tax evaders.

According to sources from the investigation, the information supplied by Hervé Falciani includes the details of a number of figures from the governing Popular Party, some of whom are already under investigation in the massive Gürtel scandal, a kickbacks-for-contracts scheme that has engulfed the party.

Politicians alleged to have been involved in the corrupt network, which saw juicy public contracts handed out to companies in return for bribes, are thought to be hoarding their ill-gotten gains in accounts abroad, given that the Swiss authorities refuse to hand over evidence regarding these accounts to Spanish judges, on the basis that they are HSBC accounts, and that the information requested is based on the data stolen by Falciani.

The original information that was released by the former bank employee has allowed the Spanish state to recover more than 300 million euros of lost taxes between 2010 and 2011. That amount could double or even triple thanks to the latest data supplied by the whistleblower, according to legal sources.

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