Religion teacher faces jail for abusing boys

Prosecutor is seeking a 19-year jail sentence for eight alleged accounts of child abuse

The public prosecutor is seeking a 19-year jail sentence for a religion teacher accused of abusing eight children at schools in the Galician province of Ourense.

Agustín O.G., a 43-year-old man described as affable and reserved by those who know him, allegedly sat the children - all boys - on his knees, and "in that pedophile context he licked their ears and gave them backrubs, and caressed them under their clothes, even touching their genitals while he corrected their homework," a report alleges.

The teacher had been suspended from his duties for the last two years following several complaints from parents prior to this formal accusation.

The charges have put on hold an adoption process by the accused, the Galician newspaper Faro de Vigo reported.

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