Police find bodies of mother and daughter four days after their deaths

Elderly mother thought to have died leaving severely disabled child unable to seek help

Police in Astorga, León made a grisly discovery on Friday, when they found the bodies of an elderly woman and her disabled daughter. The corpses had laid inside the woman’s house for four days before they were located.

Investigators believe that Marta Pajarón Ferrero, 82, died of natural causes and that her daughter died soon afterward because there was nobody to take care of her. María del Mar Viñolo Pajarón, 40, suffered from severe mental and physical disabilities, including blindness, and it is thought she was unable to ask for help.

The police had been looking for both women for several days, precisely in order to evaluate the mother’s ability to keep caring for her daughter, given her advanced age.

The search was hampered by the fact that the woman owned another apartment in Madrid, and investigators initially thought that the mother and daughter were staying there.

In the end, residents of the building in Astorga alerted the police to a bad smell in the hallway, according to the local newspaper, the Diario de León.

Officers initially tried the door, and when that failed they managed to look through a window and saw one of the corpses. The investigation has ruled out an accident or an assault by third parties as the cause of death.

Both women lived alone, as María del Mar’s father passed away years ago and the couple had no more children.

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