Spain’s longest-serving inmate on the run “for the last time”

Miguel Montes Neiro, who was sent to jail in 1976, freed after long legal battle

Miguel Montes Neiro gets his first taste of freedom.
Miguel Montes Neiro gets his first taste of freedom.M. A. MOLINA (EFE)

Miguel Montes Neiro, who had been in prison since 1976 save for a brief period of parole and some 1,600 days on the run, was released on Wednesday after a long legal battle that reached the European Court of Human Rights and the Royal Palace.

The 61-year-old had a long history of offenses, many committed after escapes, but none of a violent nature. His case had gained support in both political and social circles.

“I’m not going to do anything. You’ll see,” Montes said. “This is the start of my first chance.”

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