PP government's new culture chief takes up war on downloads

Minister Wert seems prepared to revive anti-piracy law that Socialists left on the shelf

The Education, Culture and Sports Ministry, under the new Popular Party (PP) government, appears ready to resurrect the illegal internet downloading campaign that the Socialist administration failed to develop into a new law because of disagreements.

Minister José Ignacio Wert surprised everyone with remarks Monday that pretty much summed up the direction Culture is expected to take. "No one is going to respect the culture of a country that leads in the ranking of illegal downloads. We won't get anywhere if this continues," Wert said during the swearing-in ceremony of his secretary of state for culture, José María Lassalle.

"Let me tell you with all sincerity: none of the goals we have set out to accomplish are compatible with the existence of legal loopholes that neglect protecting intellectual property, and exploit its creators."

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