Spanish comedy or English debut?

Pedro Almodóvar mulls his next project

Last week was a happy one for Pedro Almodóvar. At midday on Thursday his latest movie The Skin I Live In was named one of the five best foreign film nominees for next year's Golden Globes. Then later that afternoon he presented the Spanish edition of the book that Taschen has devoted to his work. "I think this volume marks a certain full stop in my career," he commented.

And it was in this state of happiness that the Spanish director revealed a few things about his future. For example that, as is normal for him, he is currently moving between two projects, but the one he has advanced the most is a comedy. "Its main character is a perfect role for someone with whom I have worked before and has been famous since he started in television."

Almodóvar did not mention the name of Javier Cámara, the actor who best fits that description, at the time, but he had mentioned it a few days before in New York, where he was promoting The Skin I Live In. "I don't want to announce it as a certainty yet, but... I think I am at last going to do a comedy! If I make this film, I'm thinking about Javier Cámara as the star... But I don't know, I have never said this until now."

The contracts still need to be signed and it's really up to Almodóvar to decide that the comedy will be his next film (and that the machinery of his production company, El Deseo, is geared up to head in that direction).

On the subject of his English-language project in the United States, he said: "I am at the beginning. I have the story, I have written it in Spanish and once I finish this promotion work, I am going to speak to a writer friend, an American, in order to co-write it with him... I hope we understand each other, because the story takes place here in this country [the US] and in this language and I need the help of someone because my English is not good enough."

If Penélope Cruz is Almodóvar's muse, Javier Cámara is one of the actors who has brought him most satisfaction during his shoots. The Riojan actor first started working with the director on Talk to Her, playing main character Benigno Martín. The film earned Almodóvar the Oscar for best screenplay and Cámara a Goya nomination (he has been nominated five times but never won the trophy), as well as confirmed him as a malleable and adaptable actor. The filmmaker and actor collaborated for a second time on Bad Education, in which Cámara played the juicy supporting role of Paca/Paquito.

Now, it seems, the time has come for a third hook-up.

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