"El Cuco" testifies in Marta trial as counter-accusations fly

Javier García has already been convicted of covering up the crime, but still no clarity on whereabouts of missing girl's body

avier García, alias "El Cuco," gave testimony on Tuesday in the ongoing trial over the murder of Marta del Castillo in 2009. García was cleared of charges of rape and murder by a Seville provincial court but charged with covering up the crime and sentenced to two years and 11 months.

The main suspect in the trial, Miguel Carcaño, previously claimed García had been involved in the murder but later changed his story in court. However, a witness stated that he had seen García with the victim on the night of the crime. Marta del Castillo's body has never been found. Asked if he knew where it was, García responded: "If I knew, I would have said so a long time ago. Ask Miguel."

"El Cuco" enters the courtroom on Tuesday.
"El Cuco" enters the courtroom on Tuesday.ALEJANDRO RUESGA
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