Friends confront one another in murder trial

Body of missing Seville teenager Marta del Castillo has never been found

The trial in Seville for the alleged rape and murder of teenager Marta del Castillo took a dramatic turn on Monday, when the main suspect in the case, Miguel Carcaño, confronted his onetime friend Samuel Benítez before the judge.

"I'm only asking that you say where Marta's body is," Carcaño said. "You are still in the street, while I'm in jail." Benítez responded by saying that he had nothing to do with the case, and that no one would believe Carcaño's claims that he was involved.

"It's easy to accuse people in this country, even without any evidence," Benítez said in response to Carcaño's statements.

Del Castillo's corpse has never been located, despite extensive police searches after her disappearance in 2009. The 17-year-old was allegedly raped and then murdered by Carcaño after the pair had an argument.

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