Córdoba kids remain missing after farm is searched again

Police use scanner to comb grounds of family residence

Police in Córdoba were unable to find any trace of two children who have been missing last week, after using a scanner to comb the grounds of their family's farm in Las Quemadillas on Wednesday.

The father of the six- and two-year-olds, José Bretón, was questioned again Wednesday morning following his arrest on Tuesday. As of press time, Bretón has not been charged with any crime but an investigating judge issued an arrest warrant given that he was the last person to see the children when they went missing from a Córdoba park on October 8.

Sniffer dogs were brought to the farm in Las Quemadillas for the second time to search another part of an area that hadn't been combed, police sources said. The farm belongs to the children's paternal grandparents. Police investigators haven't ruled out that Bretón may have had an accomplice who snatched the children.

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