ETA bombers get 377-year jail terms

Two terrorists sentenced for 2002 attempt to assassinate town mayor

Two ETA members were sentenced to 377 years in jail Friday for trying to assassinate the deputy mayor of Portugalete near Bilbao on February 28, 2002.

Several people were slightly injured in the attack, which was aimed at Esther Cabezudo as she and her bodyguard walked to thetown council.

The Socialist councilor survived because the terrorists aimed the 20 kilograms of explosive in the opposite direction from where she and her aide were walking in.

Asier Arzalluz and Idoia Mendizábal were found guilty on 20 counts of attempted terrorist murder, each of which is sanctioned with an 18-year conviction, and one count of terrorist destruction (17 years).

The failed assassination came just nine days after a leader of the Socialist Youth Groups had his legs blown off by a car bomb planted by ETA. Between December and March of 2002, ETA carried out 12 attacks in various parts of Spain.

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