The ‘Ikea’ Swedish car that comes to your home in parts

Luvly — a manufacturer from Sweden — has created a method to reduce the shipping costs of its tiny electric car, which has a starting price of €10,000 and is less than nine feet long

The Luvly electric vehicle only uses six kilowatts per 60 miles.
The Luvly electric vehicle only uses six kilowatts per 60 miles.

The arrival of electric vehicles (EVs) has allowed for a huge number of new players in the automotive world to emerge. These companies are staking out new territory, competing against established brands in the EV sector. Luvly — a Swedish firm — is one of them. The car manufacturer wants to stand out for its emission-free tiny cars… and for its peculiar delivery system, which has already caused a commotion.

With the aim of reducing costs, Luvly has created a system very similar to that of its compatriot, Ikea: the cars are manufactured in pieces before being sent to their destination. This means that shipments can be used much more economically, to the point that, in a container with a capacity for four cars, it’s possible to fit the parts needed for 20 Luvly vehicles.

Of course, contrary to what happens with furniture, it won’t be the buyer who is in charge of assembling it. The company will have different regional factories that will be in charge of the assembly. This methodology will apply to all of Luvly’s models, of which several are already planned, such as a three-wheeled sports car, or a small van. But, for the moment, only the first model — Luvly 0 — has seen the light of day.

This vehicle is specifically meant for urban use. It’s a very small car that has been designed to move around agilely in the city, occupy a minimal amount of space, consume little energy and, at the same time, maximize the interior. The result is a model with a minimalist design, with a broad windshield and a straight-cut at the rear. The optical groups are very discreet, while the wheels — each one with its own fender — are placed at the four ends of the body.

The Luvly 0 car only measures nine feet in length, five feet in width and 4.7 feet in height. These dimensions allow it to be a really light vehicle that only weighs 840 pounds. And, while it’s a two-seater model, it also has a good-sized trunk.

Given its urban character, the car’s mechanical section does the job, taking into account its objectives. The brand doesn’t highlight its power, but it can reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.

One of the strengths of the Luvly is that it has a 6.4 kilowatt battery. It’s divided into two removable modules — each weighing 33 pounds — so it’s possible to charge it at home. In addition, since its energy consumption is very low, a single charge can take it as far as 60 miles.

The brand already allows you to sign up on its website to place orders, with a starting price of €10,000 ($11,000).

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