Video | How Alec Baldwin heard about the death of Halyna Hutchins

The actor was stunned to hear that the woman passed away

New Mexico police have released videos related to the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie “Rust.” The clips show the moment when actor Alec Baldwin was told that the accidental shot that hit the director of photography ended her life. “I have very bad news to tell you,” the woman in the interrogation room told him. “She hasn’t made it,” she stated, to which the actor exclaimed, “No!”

The actor stood frozen with his hand on his chest, then covered his face. The agents asked him whether they could help him in any way, but in a state of shock, Baldwin did not answer. After the brief exchange, the officer explained to the actor that he should go to the sheriff’s office for an interview.

Last October, during the filming of the film “Rust,” an accidental shot by Baldwin killed Hutchins and wounded the film’s director, Joel Souza, in the shoulder. A recent report from the Occupational Health and Safety Bureau considers that there was “plain indifference to recognized hazards associated with use of firearms on set” during the filming. The Bureau fined Rust Movie Productions for 136,000 dollars (about 125,000 euros).

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