Barcelona’s homeless model Nastasia Urbano is back in front of the cameras

The former face of Yves Saint Laurent has returned to the studio after living on the streets of the Catalan capital


The invincible dancer

Antonia Santiago Amador, otherwise known as ‘La Chana,’ cast a spell over Salvador Dalí, Peter Sellers and Maya Plisétskaya. And though she suffered years of abuse from the men in her life, she rose above it to triumph around the world. A new documentary pays tribute to her spirit

The female pioneers of Spanish sports

It took effort and ingenuity to work around the strict guidelines set by Spanish National Catholicism under Franco, but these women managed to blaze a trail in the history of sports in Spain. Even today, they continue to set the standard


Charting new waters for long-distance swimmers

Montserrat Tresserras defied Francoist conventions to become the first Spanish woman to swim the Strait of Gibraltar and the English Channel