European Union

“Daddy, why not stay at home if you can?”

It might be considered a beacon of forward thinking when it comes to the work-life balance, but Finland is still discussing how to encourage men to take advantage of their paternity leave

Terrorism in Spain

Unlike most ISIS recruiters, imam behind attacks in Spain was ready to die

Police say Abdelbakri Es Satty intended to blow himself up as part of terror campaign in Catalonia


The price of hate in Denmark

Laws that criminalize racist or xenophobic expression, created in response to the rise of Nazism, still divide the Nordic country. Now, the EU wants all of its members to have similar rules penalizing this type of discourse, which has become standard among Islamophobes and is impossible to control on the web


Syrian opposition tries to forge common front in Madrid

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel García-Margallo said that the factions attending the meeting represent the more moderate sector of the opposition