Spain’s new coronavirus app could detect violators of lockdown rules

Sources say that the information will not be used for this purpose, but rather to give users personalized responses on regional health protocols


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 6, 2020


Daily coronavirus deaths in Spain fall to 637, the lowest figure since March 24

The number of fatalities has been falling for five days now, after peaking on April 2 when there were 950 deaths in a 24-hour period


How the coronavirus crisis is hurting women

Experts are calling on authorities to consider the sex and gender effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, which is having a huge impact on female caregivers and health workers


Spanish government preparing centers to isolate asymptomatic Covid-19 patients

The Health Ministry is preparing mass testing programs among essential workers in order to avoid new outbreaks once social distancing measures are lifted