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Can journalism protect us from the new politics as usual?

Fact-checkers and journalists are the main reason we know about Boris Johnson’s misleading campaign practices during the UK election

Historical memory

How a cigarette pack became a form of anti-Franco resistance

A new exhibition showcases apparently insignificant objects that were nursed as treasures by the families of the executed and the exiled

‘El Gordo’ draw

Winners across Spain celebrate results of ‘El Gordo’ Christmas lottery

Just eight minutes after the draw began, the top prize was called for the number 26590


Spain and Britain set date to negotiate on post-Brexit Gibraltar

With the UK set to leave the EU, the Spanish government wants to protect the conditions of residents on both sides of the British Overseas Territory


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 23, 2019


Severe storms kill seven people in Spain

A 30-year-old fisherman is the most recent victim of the extreme weather conditions that have been lashing mainland Spain over the weekend