Russian propaganda

Romanian eurodeputy: “Catalonia is another case of malicious Russian meddling”

A group of experts is calling on Brussels to take tougher action to counter authoritarian propaganda

Catalan Independence

‘Botifler’: the pro-independence movement’s favorite insult

Catalan secessionists have brought back into use a term that was originally employed in the 18th century against the Bourbon army

Crisis in Catalonia

“Calling these people political prisoners shows a lack of respect”

Ex-communist leaders tortured under Franco criticize comparisons with today’s jailed Catalan officials


Rape and war mural in Spanish church baffles historians

Art experts trying to get to the bottom of disturbing paintings discovered in Álava in 1985



Ros cartoon, November 9, 2017


Brussels economic forecast cites Catalonia as a risk to Spain’s growth

European Commission “cannot anticipate at this stage” the impact of a protracted crisis

Personal Leadership

8 steps to create change and get people to follow you

The issue arises when people don’t see what needs to transform or when they are afraid